Do you want your competition to be more popular all over the world? It is very simple!
The solution is the Internet and MASK – digital for fencing!

MASK is an advanced professional visual information system consisting of flexible modules, with Internet transmission in real time, touch after touch!

The advantage of the MASK system was appreciated by organizers of high level competitions:

  • World Championships
  • European Championships
  • World Cups
  • National Championships
  • International competitions for children

MASK is not only for Internet transmission. It is also software to manage the competition, by making different visualizations of information and displaythem on giant displays (names, time, round number, hits, cards, priority) and also groups and fencing tableau. It can be displayed on all kinds of displayschosen by the organizer.
You can use the MASK system with an infinite number of pistes and displays.
The MASK system generates TV transmission too.
You can also make your own live video transmission

MASK is compatible with competition management software and allows you to download XML files from the FIE web site.
Fencers presence is confirmed through accreditation module.