About MASK

Full service of MASK system includes:

  • Competition management on management software:
    Competition will be conducted on competition management software and after each day XML files will be transferred to FIE website.
    MASK Team will be conducting in cooperation with DT. MASK software is in line with all rules set by the FIE and EFC.
  • Displaying all information during fights on pistes:
    Names, time, round number, hits, cards, priority and in teams competition all touches of all fencers can be displayed on screens.
  • One or more screens on each of pistes; also name and big fencers photo can be displayed on screens on final piste.
  • Displaying all results for spectators, DT, VIPs, etc on additional screens:
    Start list, poules, temporary ranking, ranking after poules, fencing tableau, overall ranking can be displayed on additional screens around fencing venue (there is no limit of the number of screens). Additionally, fencing tableau of specific Quadrant (1/4 tableau of the tableau) can be displayed on each of 4 colored pistes.
  • Internet results transmission live:
    All results from all pistes (including fencers photos, start list, poules, ranking after poules, tableau, overall ranking, names, time, round number, hits, cards, priority, and in teams competition all touches of all fencers) can be transmitted live via Internet.
  • Displaying commercials on screens during competition:
    Displayed during longer breaks – commercials have to be given in settled form by organizers, minimum one week before competitions start.
    If commercials are given later, MASK TEAM will make efforts to display them on screens, but it depends on technical possibilities.
  • Full information for DT:
    Information about actual results from all pistes and actual tableau via local computer network.
  • Accreditation:
    System is integrated with competition management software, so it is no need to verify fencers presence – everything is done by accreditation system.
  • Data for TV transmission:
    All information from pistes (names, time, round number, hits, cards, priority) will be given for TV company, in settled form (dependingof TV company requirements). Transmission is fully automatic.
  • Video live transmission:
    Video streaming will be provided from fencing hall. Video frame in Quick Time technology can be inserted on each web site.

In full option of MASK system, everything is totally automatic.
It is possible to adapt some parts of visualization and graphics in cooperation of competition organizers.

It is of course possible to order some parts of our full service, for example service without live Internet transmission, or using only one piste screen during final fights.